The 2nd Simon Bartlett Memorial Congress

Friday 25th-Sunday 27th January 2019

At: The Livermead House Hotel


Torquay, Devon


5 Round Swiss Tournament

Guaranteed prize fund £2300

Open, Major U170, Intermediate U140, Minor U120

(July 2018 grading list will be used)

1st Prize £250 2nd Prize £175 3rd Prize £100

GP £50 in each section

Special “Simon Bartlett Loudest Shirt Prize” £20.00

Runner Up £10.00

Pairings and results will be posted at as the tournament progresses.

2019 Prize Winners


1st 5/5 Keith Arkell

2nd 3½/5 Alan Punnett

3rd= 3/5 John Stephens, Peter Anderson, Jonathan Underwood,Stephen Piper

U180GP = 2½/5 Chris Lowe, Peter Cusick, Michael Stinton-Brownbridge

Major U170

1st 4/5  Yasser Tello

2nd= 3½/5 Brian Gosling, Raymond Gamble, John Nyman

U150GP 2½/5 Peter Halmkin

Intermediate U140

1st 4/5 Robert Wilby

2nd= 3½/5 George Lekoudis, Dinah Norman, Eddie Fierek

U128GP= 3/5 Ian Blencowe, Paul Foster

Minor U120

1st 4½/5 Chris Fraser

2nd 4/5 Graham Mill-Wilson

3rd= 3/5 Tim Allen, David Peacock, Barry Lippard, Steven Cawser

U100GP= 3/5 Tony Tatam, James Wallman, Aarv Paul

Simon Bartlett Loudest Shirt Prize

Winner: Subramanian Narayanan

Runner Up: Graham Mill-Wilson

Apologies for the delay in paying the prizes the bank keep locking our account.

Photos from the 2018 congress here courtesy of Brendan O'Gorman

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