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Congratulations to GM John Nunn who has just retained the World 65+ Championship in Sicily.

Riviera Congress Results

pm Open 1st K.Arkell 4½/5, 2nd O.Jackson 4, 3rd= T.Kett, A.Brown, A.Brusey 3½ U1900 GP= R.A.Barton,C.Davis,T.Merchant,J.Morgan,T.Spanton,T.Thynne 2½

pm U1800 1st B.Cooper 4½/5, 2nd= B.O'Gorman, M.O'Brien 3½, U1665 GP C.Doidge 3

pm U1600 1st= C.Fraser, L.Russell 4/5, 3rd D.Smith 3½ U1490 GP B.Lippard 3

am Open 1st K.Arkell 5/5, 2nd= C.Davis, P.Kirby 3, U2000 GP R.Stern 2½

am U1900 1st M.O'Brien 4/5, 2nd= H.Fenwick, B.Goslinf, Y.Tello, 3½ U1780 GP R.Burton, G.t'Hart 2½

am U1700 1st D.McGeeney 4½/5, 2nd= M.Roberts, E.Walker 4, U1520 GP P.Foster 3½

Full results can be found here: https://chess-results.com/tnr813298.aspx?lan=1&art=0


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