Thursday 2nd April 2015 home to Lerryn

Bude welcomed Lerryn to The New Life Centre needing to win to finish top of the East division and qualify for the final. Chris thought she had messed up the opening but then her young opponent missed an opportunity to win material and then overlooked Chris' mating attack 1-0. Dan was always in control in his game and duly converted the point 2-0. Ian was a pawn up for most of his game but with opposite coloured bishops a draw was always on the cards. As Geoff was struggling on board 1 Ian accepted the draw as soon as Dan had won ensuring that Bude won the match 2½-½.  Geoff put up a fight but capitulated a few minutes later 2½-1½. Bude are now due to meet Camborne"A" in the final.

Bude white on even numbers

                    Bude 2½-1½ Lerryn

1 Geoff Lingard 126  0-1 David Jenkins 132

2 Ian Rescorla 123     ½-½  Barry Childs 104

3 Chris Constable 107 1-0  Toby Searle 30

4 Dan Sanders 50       1-0  Frances Brightman 30

Thursday 19th February 2015 home to Newquay

Bude welcomed Newquay for the very first competitive match at The New Life Centre. Ian was the first to finish by taking a draw on board 2 putting great faith in Geoff and John to win their games. Geoff duly beat Barry Moss to put Bude ahead and then all attention turned to John who was the exchange up but facing a tough battle against the bishop pair. He eventually managed to swap off and get a passed pawn to beat Richard Nancarrow and win the match. Chris battled right to the very end but failed to hold on for a draw.

Bude were white on even numbers

                    Bude  2½-1½ Newquay

1 Geoff Lingard 126  1-0  Barry Moss 137

2 Ian Rescorla 123    ½-½  Martin Jones 121

3 John Constable 112 1-0  Richard Nancarrow 109

4 Chris Constable 107 0-1  Martyn Probert 103

Thursday 30th October 2014 away to Lerryn

On a very foggy evening Bude travelled to Lerryn for their second league match. Although still unable for various reasons to field our strongest team, we managed to include Theo who had arrived back from playing in the European Youth Championships in Georgia only a matter of hours earlier. After only half an hour or so's play Dan's opponent gifted him her queen and Theo queened a pawn to have two queens on the board. Phil played well, capitalising on his opponents errors to go into the ending a minor piece up which he duly converted into the full point. As usual John was last to finish. Having built up a promising looking attack he failed to swap queens and with his King a bit too exposed white forced a draw through perpetual check.

Bude were white on odd numbers.
                 Lerryn        ½-3½  Bude
1 David Jenkins 132     0-1  Theo Slade 179
2 Barry Childs 107       ½-½  John Constable  112
3 Phil James 89             0-1  Phil Newberry 50E
4 Joyce Emmerton 77  0-1  Dan Sanders  50E

Monday 29th September 2014 away to Newquay

Bude travelled to Newquay to play their very first match in the Roberts Cup ( Division 2 of the Cornwall Chess League).

Due to player unavailability and grading restrictions Bude fielded their third choice team who came up against a stronger than expected Newquay team, being outgraded on every board. Everyone did their best but it was not quite good enough, John being the only one to avoid defeat and missing a win in a knight v pawn endgame.

Bude were white on odd numbers.
                 Newquay       3½-½  Bude
1 Lloyd Retallick 157          1-0  Ian Rescorla  123E
2 Martin Jones 121            ½-½  John Constable  112
3 Richard Nancarrow 109  1-0  Chris Constable  107
4 Martyn Probert 103        1-0  Dan Sanders  50E


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