The Bude Chess Long Play Championship will be played under FIDE Rules of chess and to the following time control. Each player to make 36 moves in 90 minutes then the clocks go back 15 minutes for a quickplay finish. The competition will be a double round all play all and players are expected to arrange their own games. Please don't leave your games till the last minute!

Results 25th September 2014

Ian Rescorla 1-0 Geoff Lingard       Phil Newberry 0-1 Theo Slade

Martin Jones  0-1  Simon Bartlett  Chris Constable  1-0  Andrew Slade

2nd October 2014

Ian Rescorla 0-1 Theo Slade       Simon Bartlett 1-0 John Constable

Martin Jones 1-0 Phil Newberry

9th October 2014

Chris Constable  0-1  Simon Bartlett   Geoff Lingard  1-0  Dan Sanders

John Constable  0-1  Theo Slade

16th October 2014

Martin Jones 0-1 Theo Slade

John Constable 0-1 Simon Bartlett

23rd October 2014

John Constable 1-0 Dan Sanders   Phil Newberry 0-1 Chris Constable

1st December 2014

Theo Slade 1-0 Andrew Slade

4th December 2014

Phil Newberry 0-1 Simon Bartlett  Andrew Slade 1-0 Martin Jones

Chris Constable  0-1  Geoff Lingard   Theo Slade 1-0 John Constable

11th December 2014

Geoff Lingard  1-0  John Constable    Dan Sanders  0-1  Martin Jones

Simon Bartlett  1-0  Ian Rescorla

8th January 2015

Simon Bartlett 0-1 Geoff Lingard  Theo Slade 1-0 Chris Constable

15th January 2015

Simon Bartlett 1-0 Andrew Slade  Dan Sanders 0-1Theo Slade

John Constable 0-1 Geoff Lingard

29th January 2015

Simon Bartlett 1-0 Chris Constable  Geoff Lingard 1-0 Ian Rescorla

John Constable 1-0 Martin Jones

6th November 2014

Dan Sanders  0-1  Ian Rescorla          Martin Jones  1-0 Chris Constable

Theo Slade   1-0 Geoff Lingard       Andrew Slade  ½-½  Phil Newberry

Geoff Lingard ½-½  Theo Slade

13th November 2014

John Constable 0-1 Chris Constable  Geoff Lingard 0-1 Simon Bartlett

20th November 2014

Ian Rescorla 1-0 Phil Newberry    Martin Jones  1-0  Geoff Lingard

Andrew Slade  1-0  Dan Sanders      Chris Constable  0-1 Theo Slade

27th November 2014

Martin Jones ½-½ Ian Rescorla   Simon Bartlett ½-½ Theo Slade

Chris Constable 1-0 Phil Newberry  John Constable 1-0 Andrew Slade

5th February 2015

Geoff Lingard 0-1 Chris Constable Theo Slade ½ -½ Simon Bartlett

 12th February 2015

Andrew Slade 0-1 Simon Bartlett   Geoff Lingard 0-1 Martin Jones

26th February 2015

Dan Sanders 0-1 Simon Bartlett  Chris Constable 0-1 John Constable

5th March 2015

Andrew Slade 0-1 Theo Slade

12th March 2015

Andrew Slade 0-1 John Constable    Dan Sanders 0-1 Chris Constable

26th March 2015

Chris Constable 1-0 Ian Rescorla


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