2023-24 Club Championships

For the first time in the clubs history we are holding both a Quickplay and Longplay ECF rated Club Championship.Both tournaments will be an all play all format.

Rules of Entry

  • All entrants must be ECF members at Bronze level or above, £18.00 p.a.
  • Fixture lists will be published for each tournament, if you cannot fulfill a match then please re-arrange with your opponent.
  • If you can't play due to being selected for a team match, we will re-arrange.
  • Bude Chess may revise fixtures to maximise the number of games played of an evening
  • Current 2023 FIDE rules of Chess apply.
  • Longplay time control is 60' + 30 secs per move from the start
  • Clocks to be started by 19:45, default time 15 minutes.
  • Quickplay time control is 30' +15 sec per move, default time 10 minutes.
  • Clocks to be started at 20:00 or a.s.a.p. after John's coaching whichever is later.
  • Longplay games must be recorded at all times
  • Quickplay games do not need to be recorded
  • Please notify John Constable of all your results
  • All games must be completed by 30th May 2024
  • Please notify Bude Chess of your availability each week by WhatsApp message.
  • Fixtures will be put on WhatsApp on Thursday morning but may be revised as necessary to ensure maximum number of games played in the evening.

Longplay Championship

Reece's games have been removed from the table but will still be rated

 Long Play Games Thu 22nd February 2024

Maurice 1-0 Dom

Ted 0-1 Geoff

Chris 0-1 Lloyd

John 1-0 Westy

Quickplay Championship

Reece's games have been removed from the table but will still be rated 

QP Games Thu 22nd February 2024

Kieran ½-½ Reuben

Dave J 1-0 Reuben


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