Bude U125 All Play All Online Tournament

Thursdays starting 15/10/20

Open to all U125 players in Cornwall. (July 2020 grading list)

  • The competition is open to chess players from Cornwall, either living here, playing for a Cornwall club, or working in Cornwall, who are graded under 125.

  • All players must have an ECF grade of under 125 based on the July 2020 ECF grading list

  • Play will take place on the Lichess platform with rated games (details of how to do this are given here)

  • Any violation of the Lichess terms of service will result in removal from the tournament and games played made void unless the account violation is removed by Lichess on appeal.

  • Rate of play will be 45 minutes plus 15 seconds a move

  • This competition will be a double round all-play-all, meaning that you will play each opponent twice, although not on the same night

  • Players should give an email address to the organiser that they are happy for all the players in the tournament to have in order to facilitate any re-arrangement of matches. Please also include your Lichess user name.

  • Games will be submitted to the ECF for grading – this will be their online grading, not 'over the board' grading. This means that all players will need to be members of the ECF, full details are given here)

  • Scheduled games will take place on Thursdays, beginning with 15 October 2020.

  • The dates for all the matches will be published in advance of the first scheduled match along with a list of all relevant Lichess user names and emails.

  • Games should be played on the date given at 7.30pm to give us a 'club night' feel where we can watch other games still in progress or chat to other players once our games have finished.

  • Default time is 7.45pm on the night given for the game to take place.

  • If you are unable to play a match on the date given, please rearrange the match for an earlier date

  • Please send the result of you match to chrisfc99@yahoo.co.uk

  • The first named person for each match will play white and should issue the challenge to their opponent, however either player can issue the challenge.

  • One point will be awarded for a win, half for a draw and none for a loss.

  • Please enter by email to Chris (address below) by Sunday 11th October 2020

  • For the purpose of this competition all correspondence should be sent to Chris Constable chrisfc99@yahoo.co.uk

11/03/20 From Cornwall County Chess Association: "Over the weekend the committee have held a "meeting" by email and agreed that in the current circumstances the most responsible course of action is to suspend chess activity in Cornwall for the time being with immediate effect."

17/03/2020 In light of the current advice from the Government Bude Chess regret that we will be suspending all meetings with immediate effect. We will keep you informed on here and on our Facebook page of any developments.


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