Bude Spring 2021 APA

Due to the low number of entries this will be a 5 round APA tournament.

Thursday 29/04/21 to Thursday 27th May 2021

Pairings and results will be on chessresults

Hugh Brown - hughgb (½/1)

Chris Constable - ChrisFC (1/1)

Luke Collins - luke832 (½/1)

David R Jenkins - POCCAhontas (0/1)

Maurice Richards - maurice48

Lloyd Russell - LloydRussell

1st Round Pairings Thursday 29th April 19:30

  1. Luke Collins ½-½ Hugh Brown
  2. Maurice Richards 1-0 Lloyd Russell
  3. Chris Constable 1-0 David Jenkins

2nd Round Pairings Thursday 6th May 19:30

  1. Hugh Brown v David Jenkins
  2. Lloyd Russell v Chris Constable
  3. Luke Collins v Maurice Richards

3rd Round Pairings Thursday 13th May 19:30

  1. Maurice Richards v Hugh Brown
  2. Chris Constable v Luke Collins
  3. David Jenkins v Lloyd Russell

4th Round Pairings Thursday 20th May 19:30

  1. Hugh Brown v Lloyd Russell
  2. Luke Collins v David Jenkins
  3. Maurice Richards v Chris Constable

5th Round Pairings Thursday 27th May 19:30

  1. Chris Constable v Hugh Brown
  2. David Jenkins v Maurice Richards
  3. Lloyd Russell v Luke Collins


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